Muslim Alliance for Sexual and Gender Diversity

New Writings on Eid and Ramadan in Azaan

Azaan features the voices of MASGD community members, who share their experiences and reflections of life as LGBTQ+ Muslims today.

  • In "The Map of Queer Iftars," writer Jordan Alam, a queer Bangladeshi American writer, performer, and birth worker based out of south Seattle, reflects on the experience of traveling across the country and finding community along the way.

  • In "Consider the Ummah," Yusef Bornacelli, a taqwacore muslim queer trans* activist and artist of color, shares their experience of learning about Ramadan as a new convert—and then relearning the meaning of Ramadan after finding queer Muslim community.

  • In "The Fold," ociele hawkins, a Black nonbinary queer femme organizer, poet, and performer from Philadelphia, writes about converting at 15 in the middle of Ramadan, surrounded by a tight group of friends navigating life and death and faith. 

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